India’s billionaire count set to double in 10 years

The number of Indian billionaires could double between now and 2024, according to a report by a real estate agency who may already has a number of these putative billionaires on its books.FCA - RollsRoyceND

This fantastic news for the swathes of construction consultants who are ready and waiting to build mansions and secluded residences for them. The housing market in India is quirky at times, to say the least. Architects and other construction professionals are often beset with interesting requests from clients at the planning stage. Building cavities into the walls is an oft heard request, for the safe keeping of large sums of cash and gold jewellery that the owners want to hide from thieves and keep away from any other prying eyes.

Furthermore, cash is King in India. Anything from the aforementioned golden headdresses and breast-plates bought to adorn a new bride to a luxury car or a new house, are often paid for in cash. Stories of home owners being offered sums up to and above several million dollars cash for their homes are not unusual.

A friend of a friend, whose landlords were made such an offer, turned it down because they admittedly would not know what to do with that much currency.

Good luck to the new generation of billionaires. I wonder if they will be able to get their hands on anything made by Rolls Royce?

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