New documentary sheds light on FIFA corruption allegations

Yet another story connecting football with financial crime? We are in danger of a trend appearing here…

Allegations of corruption surround not only FIFA’s bid for the Qatar World Cup but also the 2018 World Cup. The head of England’s bidding committee testified in court that one FIFA executive asked for USD4m to secure a vote, another wanted a knighthood, said Jeremy Schaap, the ESPN reporter behind a new documentary on FIFA

ESPN has just aired a documentary revealing these stories and looking into the allegations of corruption within FIFA, the travelling empire which puts on the World Cup every four years, and behind FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s rise to power.

There’s a transcript of the show producer’s interview here and a link to the documentary here. Look out for Blatter’s defence of his role before the Oxford Union.

Should make for interesting viewing over the weekend.



  1. Just yesterday I only subscribed properly to your news (alas, I’m not in a situation to wire any bit-coin currency for a donation). As I’m pretty much a layman…, I have no real interest in financial crime at all, let alone in Asia — but invariably, this story got my attention in light of the current mainstream news; in which you appear to have mooted FIFA’s impropriety almost two weeks before the mainstream media.

    I would be interested in how global sponsors are going to react, in view of the FIFA President Sepp Blatter himself not being indicted and remaining in his role. Latest I’ve heard is Visa have issued a threat to pull out of sponsoring the World Cup if he remains. Massive.

      1. uTube not playing. That hardly gets in the news, the death toll. It figures. Misplaced though my forecast may be, I would look forward to the re-bidding process for, when?, Blatter finally gets indicted? I’m sort of confident in the FBI, mainly — to get enough evidence against Sepp. A lot of good being re-elected, I hope..

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