Indian businessman jailed for bribery in Dubai

A 34-year-old Indian businessman was today sentenced for six months in jail and slapped a fine for offering a hefty bribe to a labour inspector to lift a ban on his four companies, a media report said. cropped-fca-bribery-circle1.jpg

The   of First Instance in its judgement jailed the businessman for offering a Dh30,000 (USD 8167.82) bribe to a Labour Ministry inspector,  News reported.

The accused identified as V.A will have to pay a fine of Dh30,000 (USD 8167.82) and he will be deported after the jail term, Presiding judge Ezzat Abdul Lat said. The defendant had pleaded not guilty.

The Court records said that police arrested the defendant in a sting operation after the inspector accepted Dh9,000 as part of the bribe from V.A.

The money will be confiscated, the ruling said.

The Emirati inspector told prosecutors that he had known the businessman since 2009 as he owns and manages four companies, the daily reported.

After obtaining prosecutors’ permission to arrest the defendant in a sting operation, police raided the location where V.A. Offered the bribe to the inspector in Al Qusais, the report added.


Source: Business Standard


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