Questions on ML a priority for US prosecutors

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUS investigators at the Justice Department‘s Money Laundering and Bank Integrity Unit (MLBIU) are directing prosecutors to add a question to their interrogations which has, according to this exclusive interview in Reuters, produced favourable results.

Investigators are asking suspects and convicted criminals this:

“Who is moving your money?”

A simple, direct approach to finding out the information they want to know; so simple that it is a wonder they have never asked anyone this before.

The US justice system favours the carrot and stick, and this case is no exception.

Any suspect or con who is willing and able to reveal the name of the institution which holds their assets, or those of their associates, can enter into a plea agreement or receive a reduced sentence for their information.

This is a useful piece of guidance for any anti-money laundering law enforcement officers or prosecutors in Asia although they are probably already asking this question, maybe they do not have the supporting legal framework to sweeten the deal.


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