Corruption: ex-president interrogated, activists hounded

Corruption trends vary wildly in different jurisdictions.

Goodman, Badman - Sergei Sotov

Goodman, Badman – Sergei Sotov

In Moscow, law enforcement officers reportedly raided the home of an anti-graft activist who works with Alexey Navalny, the man leading the Anti-Corruption Fund opposition movement who unsuccessfully stood in the capital’s mayoral elections in 2013. Russia’s Federal Security Service, aka the FSB and the present day incarnation of the KGB, raided the apartment “in connection with the alleged theft of a painting by artist Sergei Sotov.”

Meanwhile in France, former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy spent 15 hours under interrogation by French investigating magistrates, which resulted in three counts of corruption against Sarko. His custody was a first for a former President in France and the charges against him have polarised the country; the right wing a campaign to keep Sarkozy out of office, the left sees justice taking its course.

The US Department of Justice has continued its course of ‘aggressive cross-border anti-corruption enforcement’ so far during 2014, using the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act‘s extra-territorial provisions to pursue public officials, individuals and companies. This round-up of global anti-corruption developments from Gibson Dunn provides a good snapshot of the state of play as of June.


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