Justice for Sergei Magnitsky: US adds 12 names to sanctions list

In yet another wave of sanctions against Russians. the US is now targeting 12 people it has linked to the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian accountant and whistle-blower.

Sergei Magnitsky, 1972-2009

Sergei Magnitsky, 1972-2009

Magnitsky alleged there had been a large-scale theft from the Russian state sanctioned and carried out by Russian officials. The investigation into his claims was led by the people who he accused of theft and soon after it began, they found a reason to arrest and jail Magnitsky. He  died in prison seven days before the expiration of the one-year term during which he could be legally held without trial.

A Kremlin led human rights probe found that Magnitksy had been beaten severely before he died. This film about his life and harrowing death goes into more detail.

In response to the attack and abuse of power, the US adopted the Magnitsky Bill, which prevents anyone connected to his death from entering the US or using its banking system. It has added 12 new names to the Specially Designated Nationals List:

  • ALISOV, Igor Borisovich; DOB 11 Mar 1968 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • GAUS, Alexandra Viktorovna (a.k.a. GAUSS, Alexandra); DOB 29 Mar 1975 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KHLEBNIKOV, Vyacheslav Georgievich (a.k.a. KHLEBNIKOV, Viacheslav); DOB 09 Jul 1967 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KLYUEV, Dmitry Vladislavovich (a.k.a. KLYUYEV, Dmitriy); DOB 10 Aug 1967 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KRATOV, Dmitry Borisovich; DOB 16 Jul 1964 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • KRECHETOV, Andrei Alexandrovich; DOB 22 Sep 1981 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • LITVINOVA, Larisa Anatolievna; DOB 18 Nov 1963 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • MARKELOV, Viktor Aleksandrovich; DOB 15 Dec 1967; POB Leninskoye village, Uzgenskiy District, Oshkaya region of the Kirghiz SSR (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • STEPANOV, Vladlen Yurievich; DOB 17 Jul 1962 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • SUGAIPOV, Umar; DOB 17 Apr 1966; POB Chechen Republic, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • TAGIYEV, Fikret (a.k.a. TAGIEV, Fikhret Gabdulla Ogly; a.k.a. TAGIYEV, Fikhret); DOB 03 Apr 1962 (individual) [MAGNIT].
  • VAKHAYEV, Musa; DOB 1964; POB Urus-Martan, Chechen Republic, Russia (individual) [MAGNIT].


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