U.S. sanctions target six senior Syrian officials, one bank

The US Treasury has issued sanctions against six high ranking government officials in Syria. Two oil FCA - Bashir al Assadrefineries, a Russian bank and its senior executive are also listed, for offering support to President Bashir Al-Assad.

Syrian senior officials

Brigadier General Bassam al-Hassan – Advisor for Strategic Affairs. Advises on weapons procurement,  meets foreign government representatives, Presidential Representative to the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC).

“Although supposedly autonomous, Jane’s Intelligence Services and other analysts believe the SSRC to be linked to the military establishment, where it is allegedly responsible for new research and development of nuclear, biological, chemical, and missile-related technology.” Source NTI.org

Hussein Arnous – Minister of Public Works and formerly served as governor of two Syrian provinces.

Ahmad Al-Qadri – Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform and previously served as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Ismael Ismael – Minister of Finance and previously served as Head of the Syrian General Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade.

Kinda Al-Shammat – Minister of Social Affairs and previously served as Syrian Representative to the United Nations Development Fund.

Hassan Hijazi – Minister of Labour and previously served as the Assistant Minister of Social Affairs and Labor.

Tempbank, a Russian financial institution with head quarters in Moscow, and Mikhail Gagloev, a senior FCA - Tempbank logo_25_years_rusexecutive of the bank, were also targeted for providing millions of dollars in cash and financial services to the Syrian government, including the central bank and SYTROL – Syria’s state oil marketing firm.

The Banias Refinery Company and the Homs Refinery Company are also listed.

Read the Treasury‘s report for identifying details on the sanctioned individuals and entities.


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