Oman: Court convicts four persons in four bribery cases

Muscat: The court pronounced verdicts on Thursday in four bribery cases in which four persons have been convicted. 



17-year jail term
In two cases involving a senior Omani official, the court slapped a 17-year jail term and a fine of OMR1.2 million on the accused. 

The court has also ordered the dismissal of Omani official from the service and the confiscation of the bribe money amounting to OMR500,000, which would be deposited in the public treasury.

The Omani official has been charged with leaking confidential documents in return of OMR500,000 bribe money from the Indian executive.

OMR1.2 million fine
In the second case, an Indian expatriate executive of an Oman-based company was awarded a 17-year jail sentence by the court and ordered to pay OMR1.2 million as fine. 

The court has also ordered the deportation of the Indian executive after the completion of the 

Three-year jail
In the third case, a national was sentenced to a three-year jail term and slapped a fine of OMR400,000. Later on, the court reduced the sentence of the national to one year.

In the fourth case, an Omani official was slapped with a fine of OMR30,000 and awarded a three-year jail term. 

Source: Times of Oman

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