Would you shut up and just sell the stuff anyway?

If you saw something wrong, dangerous or unethical in your work place would you stand up and tell your boss about it? If the act you reported was damaging to the company and its reputation, would you expect your boss to support your claim? What if their response was to ignore the danger, carry on regardless and just sell the stuff anyway?

Linda Almonte

Linda Almonte

One woman blew the whistle on wrong doing at JP Morgan Chase in 2009 and her news was not well received. Linda Almonte saw something was not right in a deal she was working on and refused to go on with a sale of what she saw was misrepresented debt. The firm fired her for her trouble.

As with the Wachovia whistle-blower, Almonte at first found little interest in the case from the regulators, although the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is reportedly now looking into it.

Keep an eye on this case; whether the regulators are looking into it or not, it will come up again and serves as a reminder about why people do blow the whistle and why some choose not to do so.

Read more on this story in the Rolling Stone and the American Banker.


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