China: Zhou’s House of PEPs Infographic

Think that Frank Underwood from Netflix‘ House of Cards series and his network are ruthless in their relentless pursuit of power? Wait until you read about one of China’s FCA - Zhoupolitico-business families. Sanctions officers might consider placing this infographic on their desktops as a reminder of who is who and who they have done business with.

Meet the Zhous, China’s very own House of PEPs, which is odd given they have thrived in a Communist country which expounds the virtues of equality for all and no citizen being better than the next. The infographic shows the prominent politically exposed persons in the clan, how they are related, and shows the business investments they have made and lists the companies connected to them via investment or other business dealings.

The thirteen members of the Zhou family depicted in this New York Times Infographic appear to have stakes in more pies than they have fingers. Seven of the clan have been detained by Chinese authorities,  the whereabouts of six of them is reported ominously as ‘unknown’. One of the clan lives in California and is presumably, for now at least, safe from prosecution by China. Two more are on the lam; they are not under arrest, as far as we know, but no one knows where they are.

The Zhous at a glance 

Zhou Yongkan, the patriarch of the family sits at the top of the tree. He has held various positions in government and state entreprises. His is under arrest and Chinese authorities have already seized USD14.5bn in assets belonging to Zhou and his associates.

Wang Shuhua, his first wife, is deceased, but their son Zhou Bin took an 80 percent stake in the energy investment company, Zhongxu, in 2009. He is also underarrest.

Jia Xiaoye, his second wife, us under arrest – location unknown.

Zhou Bin’s wife Huang Wan and her father Huang Yusheng are both being detained for questioning in undisclosed locations, while her mother Zhian Minli is in California.

Zhou Yuangqing, Yongkang‘s brother, his sister-in-law Zhou Lingying and nephew are also mentioned on this ominous family tree; while mum and dad are under arrest, the whereabouts of Zhou Feng, the nephew, is unknown.

Source: The New York Times

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