Sri Lanka: Government prepared for sanctions

The Government says it is not afraid of being slapped with economic sanctions by any country over alleged human rights abuses.

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Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva says the Government has taken measures to ensure economic stability in the country following the end of the war.

He says the Government will ensure the economy remains stable even if there is pressure from other countries. “We have brought peace to this country and we will not allow terrorism to raise its head again,” the Minister said. The Minister noted that Sri Lanka will face several challenges in future as some among the international community do not like to see a leader who refuses to tow the Western line.

“If a leader does not tow the Western line, then those countries try their best to remove him,” the Minister said, adding that the moves on Sri Lanka in Geneva is part of that attempt. Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva says the people of Sri Lanka, as a Nation, must get ready to face the challenges confronting the Nation. (ER)

Source: The Sunday Leader

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