Singapore: Harsh prison sentence for money laundering

SINGAPORE: A hairstylist who thought she was helping an acquaintance will go Imageto jail for 48 months for money-laundering offences.

35-year-old Gee Lee Cheng admitted to dishonestly receiving stolen property amounting to S$497,000 and carrying part of the money to Malaysia to pass to her friend, “Stephen”.

The nine offences were committed in May last year.

Although the prosecutor asked for a 24 month sentence, Judge Liew Thiam Leng sent Gee to jail for four years, which works out at around S$10,000 (US$8,000) for every month behind bars. 

Cheng’s defence lawyer called the sentence ‘manifestly excessive’ and has launched an appeal. 

Singapore’s judiciary is sending out a clear message of zero tolerance to anyone who abuses the financial system.

Source: ChannelNewsAsia


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