Over the weekend…..

Plenty has happened over the weekend. Anna Hazare has entered the second week of his fast, so far he’s lost five kilos and his supporters are present across New Delhi. There is no panic in the city right now and demonstrations are held in specific areas. I have seen a few banners supporting Hazare stuck to car windows and in shops in South Delhi, but mainly any action has taken place away from the southern bubble.

Following from our post last week, the price of gold has hit an all time high, passing the $1,900 per ounce mark this morning on Asian markets. Analysts are happy for now to keep investing in gold as some speculate the price could rise still. Gold is increasingly looking like a safe option for investment security. If you’re lucky enough to have any, it is tangible, you can see how much you have and – bank robberies aside – it will not disappear overnight in a cloud of financial jargon and surreal transactions.

One more thing could FCA’s eye this morning as we perused the press. Dominique Strauss Khan, that most famous consumer of gauche caviar  is off the hook. The rape allegations made against him by a New York hotel worker are not longer substantial, according to the prosecutors. This saves DSK the embarrassment and inconvenience of a trial in the US and a potential second stay at the Riker’s Island Motel. Nafissatou Diallo has been denied the right to justice, her lawyer has told the press. Whether Diallo’s allegations are true or not may now be decided in a civil case.


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